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raph all you can know blog

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raph all you can know blog

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Best Youtube channels

youtube bestI have compiled for you, the best of youtube channels. Lots of them, you will certainly like, I would consider them as the best youtube channels, but this is subjective, for it is based my personal opinion. If this wasn't subjective, I would have called this blog post the top 10 youtube channels. These web series are very different in genre, but what determined my selection, was that they are where one of a kind in there respective category. They go from photography channels, to car modification channels, to improvisation channels, to entertainment channels and also to how to channels; so depending on your interests, there will certainly be one or the other you will discover based on your interests.

       Best how to/review photography/video making youtube channel

           Youtube idDigitalRevTv
           Website: www.digitalrev.com
           Producers: Kai Wong, Lok C. and Alamby

Coming from japan, DigitalRevTv, is an amaizingly intertaining and instructive youtube channel, if you are ether interested in dslr photography, or in dslr video making, they will most certainly take your breath away. They are the type of channel, when you start watching there videos, you will never be able to miss a single other video they produce, this is based on my personal experience. I remember that when I came over to there channel for the first, my interests in photography was almost nonexistent, I can't really explain why I have continued watching there videos, all I know is that several years later, I haven't missed a single video they made and have growing interests for photography and have bought lots of photographical accessories, bassed on there reviews, and spend lots of time learning more about photography.

Video proposal challenge:  Baby photography (have fun :)

My favorite episode

      Best car modification (mods) DIY youtube channel

           Youtube id: mighty car mods and MCMTV2
           Producers: Marty (Martin Mulholland) & Moog (Blair Joscelyne)

I still remember the day I found mightycarmods on youtube, it is quite a while ago, they litterally took my breath away, the hours that followed that discovery was spent watching each and every video they had made, without skiping a second, and ever since, I haven't been able to wait more than 5 minutes, when receiving a notification of new a episode on there behalf. They became for me the ultimate youtube channel, for they regrouped all of what I was looking for on youtube, that included amazingly cleaver DIY, great quality artistic video shorts, fluttering cars and staggeringly funny humor. Hidden behind the great quality content, you will find simple, attractive, and one of a kind personalities, that you can not, not want to aspire to. If I'd have a dream, it would be to have a channel like there's, it is because of them, by the way, that was born my growing desire to participate in the great online content producers.

Video proposal challenge: "How to make your car Rake approved" (Anxious to know :)
My favorite episode : 

    Best viral video prankster / entertainment youtube channel

          Youtube id: Edbassmaster
          Website: www. edbassmaster.com
          Producer: Ed

No words can describe with the adequate accuracy, as the saying goes, an image is worth a thousand words. Completely different in style to the previously described channels, you could clearly say he is a one of a kind person, what makes subsequently of his channel a one of a kind channel.  Never ending laugh, is what will qualify every minute spent watching his videos. His creativity, will never reach an end, the finesse he has of making simple things look so funny is incredible. This channel isn't about the great artistic shot, nor about transmitted knowledge, it is simply about capturing Ed's moments of madness, his videos could be captured, and edited in what ever way, it would always remain special, as long as ed remained in front of the camera.
Video proposal challenge for Ed: "Ahaha! could you tell me a joke, I need it for medication" (overly funny!)

Glance of his videos:

    Best action / comedy / gaming / culture shorts filmmaker 

          Youtube id: Freddiew
          Website: www.Freddiew.com
          Film Directors: freddy Wong & Brandon Laatsch

If I was a filmmaker, I don't know how much money I would be willing to pay to have such a brilliance in my crew, but it would be sure very expensive. What fascinates me, is how they manage to transform such dumb ideas, and accomplish them in a such filmographic and innovative way.  I would compare them to kids with incredible video producing superpowers. From my point of view, they have realized the modern filmmaker dream, which is the capability of fulfilling you dreams of producing what ever personal project you feel like, when ever you feel like and how you want it to be, without being tied by a producer that restrains you. As I understood, behind, and at the foundation of Freddiew, lies friendships, and crazy college ideas, that became reality, because, they were able to make the step, and learn when unexpected appeared. They also proved as may other, that it is possible to make a very good life out of Youtube. Never forget that dumb ideas can produce incredible masterpieces.

 Video proposal challenge: My everyday life: 21 december 2012

One of my personal favorite:

    Best fresh comedy sketch Youtube channel

          Youtube id: College Humor 
          website: www.collegehumor.com
          Actors (main ones):  Richy Van Veen, Samuel Reich, Daniel Gurewitch,               Amir Blumenfeld, Jack Hurwitz, Jacob Hurwitz, Sarah Schneider, Streeter 

How could I describe, it is as if there was an emotional bond, that blinds me to this channel, every time I go on Youtube, I always end up on there channel.  I just feel as if the comedians where my best friends, as if I had know them for so long, they are people, you can just feel great in presence, is it because they succeeded in imbuing truly there incredible personalities in there videos, or because, they don't consider there job as a job, but rather as an enjoyment, I think all of these reasons contribute to making some great content. This channel is distinguished by, just pure, simple and refreshing videos, you can just feel how much they had fun making the web series, simply brilliant. The only warning I should give you, is be aware, this channel is addicting, there is no end to watching the endless number of hillarant videos, but I think you'll get threw this difficulty. 

Video proposal challenge: POV: 5 things you did in college other than study

One of my personal favorite sketch :

    Best street improvisation Youtube channel

          Youtube id: Improv Everywhere
          Website: www.Improveverywhere.com
          Producer: Charlie Todd 

This channel is about a life style, about a type of person, and a type of world you dream of; a world where there is no boundaries, where conformism is your worst enemy, hesitant people isn't what is told here. People who are free within themselves, who aren't afraid of the image they project of themselves to others, it is about making of the time spent in this life an enjoyment, I see it as a protest against the boring routine of many town folks, who content themselves with a redundant life. Maybe am I going too far in my reflection, or have reflected beyond what Todd himself, the  founder of Improv Everywhere had ever though, but I can just feel this, I truly believe that it is the message that is being passed threw the videos, even thought they had maybe never intended to preach this message. On a different tone, isn't it just amazing to watch how people react and how they are amazed and confused all at once, when confronted by inadvertence, to improv everywhere agents.  I enjoy tring to imagine how I would react. I simply bow to the feet of the Todd who got the idea and decided to fulfill it.

My video proposal challenge: Play hid and seek in a public areas

Sample of there work:

    Best Slow motion youtube channel

          Youtube id: Sow Mo Guys
          Website: Facebook page
          Producers: Gav and Dan

It is often said that gear isn't what makes a great video, but I think these guys have made an exeption to this rule. The power of slowmotion shots are immense, isn't it facinating how ordinairy mondayne situations,  can appear so diffrently in slow motion. It is as if the world revealed itself to us.  I wouldn’t want to take away all Gav's and Dan's talent away, and give it entirely to there gear, for they know how to take advantage of there gear. This channel is the perfect example of what many youtubers should take example on, a great simple concept, that they keep renewing. Lots of great youtube channels start with a simple idea, which has lots of potential interest and simply stick to it, and thus bringing it to its culmining point, for this channel, it appears that the culminating point is finding an situation or a shot that when slowed down procures to the viewer, a unique experience for something he sees everyday, but had never really took the time to look at. This channel is like a rediscovery of your surrounding world, an astonishment for it's beauty. It is a reminder to each and every body to  try and take the time to look around you, and be amazed by the beauty,  by it's complexity, and it's intelligence. This channel is about the power of simplicity, the power of taking the time to look at something from a different angle. 

 My video proposal challenge: Sticking your face or your dog's face out of the car while going really fast, or with a high power fan

Best of there work:

    Best "how to"/knowledge transmission youtube channel

          Youtube id: Howcast
          Website: www.howcast.com
          Original idea of: Daniel Blackman, Sanjay Raman,  
          Darlene Liebman

If you like me, have made the same mistake and have married the the person that always turns to you when something is broken or has gone wrong, then howcast should be your best friend. This channel is truly my best friend when confronted to unknown domains, countless times, it has been my reference, even for the building of this blog. Isn't it just so cool that so much knowledge is available so easily.

    Best DS art/quality shorts

          Vimeo Id: Fabnor
          Website: (under construction)
          Film maker: Fabien Normand

How could you define what feeling procures the sight of beauty? The incredible power of nicely matched images, accorded with nicely fitted music can procure a feel, a sense of presence, an amazement, that goes beyond the simpleness of what was intended. My guess would be that very few of you know this Film maker, but here is maybe why: Fabien doesn't intend his videos as part of an industry, his videos aren't intended to impress the viewer, but are intended to bring forward the true essence of the lived emotion, thus without looking for it, it impresses the viewer, it takes your breath away, for the only reason that it transmits a pure emotion.  I think this is the way things should be, not the other way around, it is true that a video is intended for the viewer, but never forget the viewer will  most likely enjoy a truthful and pure video, this is something Fabnor understood long ago. Why not simply film what surrounds you, show what's beautiful, show the way you felt it. Isn't that beautiful, the power of images.

 My video proposal challenge: Let us feel the ambiance of a mondain everyday life location, such as a café

Best of his work:


What are your favorite Youtube channels?

Monday, November 12, 2012

Top 10 all time best short films

hey dude

I have prepared for you a compilation of my top 10 favorite short films, I would consider them as must see shorts, most of them are multiple award winning and I think it is not for nothing. If it is simply to entertain yourself, or to help you discern on How to make a good short film, or for Tips on how to make a great Video short, I hope this will helpful for you.

 What's Virgin Mean?

"Sometimes little questions need big answers."

 The Black Hole

 " A sleep-deprived office worker accidentally discovers a black hole - and then greed gets the better of him..."

 "Validation" is a fable about the magic of free parking.

The Crush (2010) Oscar Winning Short Film

Love recipe

Get out

"A young man buys a tin of tuna, and gets a lot more than he was expecting in this funny take on an old urban myth. "

"A simple short film about communication"

Sign Language - a short film
"Meet Ben - he holds a sign for a living, and he loves his job more than almost anything. But today is his last day."

Post-It Love
"Shy girl meets shy boy in the office, and they find a new way of expressing their affection in this endearing film."

Friday, November 9, 2012


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I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to BuySalvation.com for assisting me. I had struggled for more three years, wondering what I would do after this life would be done. My contract for heaven was accepted by my creditors several months ago and already I feel as though a tremendous weight has been lifted. It is a huge relief to be able to sleep through the night rather than lying awake feeling an enormous amount of stress over money, debt and creditors. Your staff was professional, kind, considerate and patient. They answered all of my questions thoroughly and never once made me feel as though I was a failure for filing a proposal. For this I am forever grateful to Buy Salvation.com and your staff. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

iStockphoto application Quiz answers, Updated 2013 Quiz

answers test application quiz

Even though the quiz may seem quite eazy, but if English isn't your native language, it could be very hard. To help you, I have prepared the good answers for you, but you still should read the Stock Photographer Training Manual, it is important that you know how to take good iStockphoto photographes. If you don't,  there is a chance your uploads will not pass cause you will not be aware of all the regulations of acceptance on iStockphoto.
Before you answer the Quiz, take your time to think if iStockphoto is really your best way to go for it is one of the biggest, but the one that pays the less. Personally, I prefer and use Shutterstock.com

1.             Files downloaded from iStockphoto (including yours once you pass this test) are offered with a royalty-free license, which describes how the image can and cannot be used:

When iStock clients download an image they must first agree to our royalty-free content license agreement. »

2.             iStockphoto images are downloaded under two different kinds of royalty-free licenses: our "standard use" license, which allows for all kinds of commercial, personal, and editorial uses, and our "editorial use only" license.


« iStock now has an editorial use only license in addition to our standard content license agreement. »

3.             All recognizable faces in images with the standard use license require a model release, including those in crowds:

            « All recognizable human faces require a model release, including public areas, crowds, self portraits and vintage photographs. »

4.             Logos are acceptable in wide angle photographs under the standard use license:

Any visible logo should be removed in royalty-free stock photography. »

5.             Identifiable design marks, such as the 3 stripes for Adidas or the Nike swoosh, are allowed in images under the standard use license if the name is removed:

« All design elements that are recognizable to a company may also be protected by trademark, and should always be removed for royalty-free stock photography. »

6.             Landmark buildings such as the Sydney Opera House require a property release to be used in images offered with the standard use license:

« Famously recognized buildings and modern architecture may require a property release. Questionable buildings should be researched prior to uploading. »

7.             A model release is required for a self portrait:

«  recognizable human faces require a model release, including public areas, crowds, self portraits and vintage photographs. »

8.             The photographer can witness their own Model/Property Release:

« The photographer can witness their own Model/Property Release: 
A model or property release cannot be witnessed by the photographter »

9.             A simple snapshot is acceptable; iStock does not require quality in composition: 


«  The iStock collection is a selection of the highest quality, both creative and technical, images submitted. Simple snap shots will not be accepted. »

10.          It is acceptable to protest a rejection in the iStock forums:

« To protest an image, it should always be addressed through „Scout“, located in the Support section. »

11.          It is acceptable to copy the composition of another photographer`s work 


« iStock respects the creative value of each original image and does not condone mimicking the work of others. »

12.          Photographs should be upsampled or interpolated to the maximum XXL size:

            « iStock will not accept images that have been upsampled or interpolated above their native resolution. »

13.          The above example contains:


« Compression can be spotted in a photograph by the „chunking“ of colors. »

14.          The above example is:

Unacceptable lighting 

« Harsh light or distracting shadows unintentional to the composition will be declined from the iStock collection. »

15.          The above example is:

Unacceptable texture detail 

« The use of noise reduction should never create a „watercolor“ or overly smoothed appearance. »

**If it appears that questions have been updated, please comment to notify me.