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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Why am I studying in Mechanical Engineering?

I taught it be great if you could learn a bit about myself since very few of you, blog readers, know me. Since two year, I’ve been studying in mechanical engineering at Cegep Limoilou of Quebec. I am also planning to continue my studies at university also in mechanical engineering. Since I was a child, I’ve always had lots of admiration for mechanics. Therefore, choosing my field of study was very easy for me, it was as if there where no other choices for me, I’ve never really questioned myself, it had always been very obvious. Inevitably, the salary helped me confirm my decision of following my early child hood dreams. Recently, I’ve had a new ambition related to my future profession. I’ve always been very interested by cars, but with the recent gas pricing, I think petrol cars should be left behind, for the ecology and for the economy of Quebec, cause we are a big electricity producer.  I’d like to be part of this revolution, or even better, find the idea that would ignite that revolution. It may be a big ambition but isn’t ambition that will keep me alive?

I am now doing a technique in mechanical engineering in cegep, but I am planning to continue at university also in mechanical engineering, to be in the end a mechanical engineer. The requirements to enter university are either having a diploma in natural science or to be a technician in mechanical engineering. Both pathway take the same number of years, which is 6 years but are divided differently with a diploma in natural science, 4 years are spent studying in university, compared to 3 only in university when you are a technician but becoming a technician takes 3 years of study, so going a way or an other, the result is the same.

The field of work of a Mechanical engineer is very vast, it can work in conception or fabrication, it can touch to automotives, aviation, naval, and even every day appliances. In brief, every thing that moves or that has been designed to do something, a mechanical engineer has most likely helped in its conception.

I am very ancious to finish my studies, for this is a lot that could be done in our world to make it a better place. I am not the kind of guy that will be satisfied by a job that will give me sufficient money to live. I am willing to love my job, and giving myself entirely in projects I love and want to fulfill. I will not be satisfied by eat work sleep kind of life style, my work will be my passion, I will fulfill my dreams to the very end. Find me on Google+