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Thursday, October 11, 2012

How To Get a Free Mac (Viable Method)

How I managed to get paid 160$ for a free macbook air

I am like lots of you, a mac product lover and had an urging disire of being part of it, but I didn't have enough money, I had to figure out a way of buying it  very cheaply, this is since I am only 19 years young and at the time I didn't have a job.

So I passed a good deal of time looking online and started setting up price alerts, on amazon and ebay, to be able to find the best deal, but it turned out the deals where never sufficiently good, or I wasn't fast enough to get a hand on it. So I figured there where to much people online searching for the good deal, I figured big online market places where the best place for sellers but not for buyers, cause they could manage to get the price they wanted. So I decided to shop on smaller online market places such as craiglist, kijiji.com and lespacs. After looking for a long time, I found out that deals came rarely, but where they appeared, they where amazing. So I finally came across an old macbook that was sold for about the third of the price,  it was incredible, the only problem water had been spilled. I decided I had to go forward, and go and see if something could be done. It turned out it computer was in working condition, it had been inspected by a private company and they claimed no noticeable damage could be seen exempt for sticky keys.

Free macbook, mac flipping

I then sold that macbook almost three times the price, after replacing the top case which apple store charged me 350$, I managed to do it myself for only 90$. I started to have some money in my pocket, so I figured I could continue flipping some macs to be able to have a free macbook air.

The second computer I flipped was a white macbook I found it on a local internet classified announcement, it was all broke down, and very cheap. It turned out I looked online to see how much it would of cost to change the keyboard and found found out apple had a recall on white MacBooks if the keyboard was cracked on the bottom, which appeared on my macbook. So apple replaced the keyboard and the screen bezel for free. It looked like new, I sold it to a friend for a bit less than it's real value which appeared to be double the price I had paid it.

Mac price list

First Macbook pro initial price        350$
                                                +90$ (repaire parts)
                                                    440$ sold it for 850$
                                                                         - 440$
                                                                          410$  profit

Second flip Macbook 200$ initial price sold for 400$
                                                                     200$ profit 

I after flipped several other computers and made a profit of 300$
                                                                                  +410$ First MBP
                                                                                    200$ Macbook
                                                                                    910$ total profite
                                                                                   -750$ My new Macbook air
                                                                                   160$ extra profit 

How To Sell Mac

If you want to do as I did and get yourself a free Macbook or what ever electronic gadget, there are several tips I could give you I've learned the hard way.

1) Be patient, good deals won't come to you and beg you to buy them, you must find them.

2) Diversify your searching methods, such as Amazon, ebay, craiglist, lespacs, kijiji, and other local classifieds, you can click here for the top 100 best free classified ad posting sites.

3) Set up price alerts, with specific parameters, to be only notified when interesting deals appear. You must create an infrastructure that will allow you to remain passive, and be ready to jump when time has come.

4) You must be aware of retail prices, you must buy at good prices, prices have a tendency to decrease and fluctuate depending on the time of the year, demands and offers, new products or... Obviously if you pay too much, you won't have any profit.

5) Never get emotional about a buy or a sale, always stay rational, calculate your benefits of every transaction, and include every expense, so that you will always be profitable. When you buy an item stick to your plan of reselling it.

6) Don't juge a classified by it's photos or description, try to see the potential, my personal experience, showed me that shabby pictures or incomplete descriptions, could in many cases hide good deals

7) Don't be afraid to bargain, if bought face to face, never be emotive and tell how great the product is, always try to find the down sides, trading is like a game. If your adversary can't read your game, you have won.

8) My personal experience showed me that when bargaining, the first person to ask for a specific price, had lost, I normally ask for the best price the seller can give me, after telling him all the downsides of his product. If you can't get any answer insist, I then make him a much smaller offer. You must not be afraid to go way low, it will only destabilize him, making it easier for him to accept an offer a bit higher. If he is a talented bargainer, do not be afraid to walk away, or only faking to walk away, and coming back for your last best offer.

9) I have crossed lots of "to good to be true deals" you must always remain skeptical when buying online, I have experienced lots of scammers, but have never been trapped, I hope you the best! You can read my article  about a very big Scam commonly called the Nigeria scam

10) No feelings or emotions allowed! Only rationality and logic.

If you have questions, reactions, want to  add some aspects to this tutorial, or want to be counseled, don't hesitate to comment, I will be happy to respond.