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Monday, October 15, 2012

Yes, you can get a free Macbook air!

This is no Scam nor Spam

Getting a better price than the cheapest macbook air price is possible. Last week I made a blog post on how I managed to get payed for a free macbook air, but  I recently came across, a much easier way which could seem at first sight incredible, but I have tried it and IT WORKS. Freebiejeebies, is real, you can make your personal investigation on google, you will soon see that a huge amount of testemonials, and very hard to find negative reviews, confirm that it is totally legit. Even BBC and the Gadget show approved it's legitimity hear for yourself:

BBC's review: 

How it works 

1) You simply sign up (link here, please use my link for it will serve as a referral for me!)
2) Answer one offer which will either be free or less than 10$, I payed 10$ for little bid tasty.com, it is quite awesome, I managed to win back my 10$ by winning a iPod nano which I payed 5$ on this web site
3) Refer friends (like I am trying to do right now with you :p)
4) Receive your free Mac or what ever gadget you want!!!

This tutorial doesn't only apply for macbook's but also for iPhones, iPod touch, iPad, mac mini, iMac, in other words nearly all apple laptop computers, and other products. This is a great alternative to "refurbished mac laptops", "mac computers cheap" "cheap mac laptops" or "cheap mac laptops", for it is close to free,
it is a "free laptop deals", how could you resist to a free laptop, I can't :p

Isn't that awesome!!!