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Friday, October 12, 2012

Open letter to Mr. Rousseau

Dear Mr. Rousseau,

Technologies regarding manufacturing industry, which is mostly defined by machining process, during which tools are used to mechanically cut materials such as metal to achieve a desired geometry. Machining technologies have evolved a lot in the recent years. Mr. Rousseau, program director of mechanical engineering at cegep limoilou, I clearly think you should renew the machining equipments on which your students practice, so that they could learn in actual industry conditions.

First, the renewal of the fleet of machine would carry favour to the training of good engineers capable of using the most up to date machines, cause things have changed since last generation machines, several aspects have been simplified as other now allow more vast possibilities.

cnc machine, milling machine boardNext, for the training of real life engineers, it would be important to change the fleet of machines. In the industry, it is the new generation machines that are used, the new machines are always the ones prioritized, cause they are always the most gainful and productive. Future engineers must not learn pointless knowledge studying old machines, knowing they will probably never use old machines, learning on new machines would avoid having to learn all over again once in the industry. Thereby, forming more competent engineers.
In addition, renewing the fleet may not be profit making for the cégep, but it will be afterwards for the government. Since it is the government that finances cégeps, it would be very profitable for them. Capable engineers would be able to rebound the industry in Quebec, because Quebec doesn’t have a big footing in the automotive industry, nor in the aviation industry. The government has to put every chance on his side to facilitate the making of our industry, starting by small but effect full changes, such as changing the machine fleet at my cegep.
Everybody wants our industry to bloom. Therefore, changing the old tools on which students learn would certainly help the learning the real profession of engineer. I hope you understood the issue and that you will do all in your power to do the necessary, for the renewal of our equipment.